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Friday, May 04, 2012

The Pen is mightier than the Punch

The Pen is mightier than the Punch

I think many of us have seen this and been horrified.


And yes, in the picture, "Pastor" Harris is wearing a No Greater Joy Ministries t-shirt. Thanks to whoever pointed that out.

So, are we seeing a pattern here?

It really seems like these guys (among many others) like to and want a fight?

So, as of today, the author of this blog will be fighting back. You may notice a change in tone on this blog going forward. I intend to turn up the volume a bit..

As of today, my book on corporal punishment and the Bible will be available free of charge.

If you want one, all you need to do is send me an email and you'll get the PDF version. Please write: info@biblechild.com asking for the book "Thy Rod and Thy Staff, They Comfort Me; Christians and the Spanking Controversy" by Samuel Martin.

Get it here for free - 

Your contact details will always remain private and not passed on to other parties.

Anyone who would like to link to this page is welcomed to inform interested parties that my book is available only for the asking.

I'll probably be uploading a Kindle (or other electronic e-book) version which will also be free sometime soon.

It is absolutely essential in my view that other views than those trumpeted by "Pastor" Harris and those who share his opinions be made available on a wider scale. The structures that "Pastor" Harris is connected to have huge platforms to get their views out there, to convince and influence others, so those of us who have some other points of view to share and have far less resources are going to have to make our works more available on a wider scale using the tools we have available.

I would ask that any person out there who has been blessed by my book or who would like to help see my work have a wider reading to please feel free to be in touch at: info@biblechild.com. I only pray that such connections could bring about far less of what is referenced in the Forbes story above taking place. 

Can I mention that I have other writings which will also be free for the asking. Just drop me an email and I can (if you wish) put you on my newsletter mailing list and keep you plugged in to my publishing program.

Finally, I haven't really figured out all this blogging and website stuff, but I do know (while trying to figure it out) that there comes a time when we all have to do what we can to try to make things which are very very wrong a little bit righter with God's help and I pray guidance.

More coming soon.

Samuel Martin
May 4 2012


Christie M said...

Samuel, I am just hearing about this story! I'm in America, you in Israel! :/ Thanks for sharing.

Mariejws said...

Thank you for this generous sharing. This book will be most helpful.

Brenda K. said...

"So, as of today, the author of this blog will be fighting back. You may notice a change in tone on this blog going forward. I intend to turn up the volume a bit.."

Bravo! I'm so glad you continue to add a voice of reason and truth to this important issue.

Shi said...

I'm just hearing about this as well, via Dulce de Leche posting it on FB.
I've read your book, and LOVED it.
I gave it to my parents to read some time ago, but I don't believe they've read it yet.
THANK YOU for the work you are doing!!