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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Christian Theologians who advocated against spanking - Pt. 3

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Christian Theologians who advocated against spanking - Pt. 3


Probably one of the most important high profile individuals in this century who shunned the practice of corporal punishment is the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Unfortunately, we don't have too much information on the reasoning he had from a theological point of view.

Certainly, Dr. King is well known for his work on non-violence and this philosophy seems to have made its ways into all aspects of King's life, including how he treated his own children.

I've contacted several of the top scholars concerning his life and work, but so far I am still looking for that sermon which may in fact not exist. I have a dream to find that sermon!

So, let me tell you though what we do have and thankfully we have two witnesses from the immediate family of Dr. King. One reference is from Yolanda King and I've quoted it at length in my Tiger Mother vs. Bear Mother paper which is referenced below.


In that article, I give the link to Yolanda herself talking about her "buddy daddy."

Another reference about Yolanda King, her father and the fact that there was no spanking in the King home is found at: 


As for the testimony of Dexter Scott King, you can note the following link which has the following direct quote from the book "Growing Up A King."

"He didn't spank us...Daddy might sit us down and explain things.  'This is why you shouldn't do that, son.'  He would deal more on a mental level, try to get us to understand why things were."


I hope to find that paper or sermon one day where Dr. King shares why he did not spank his children. If anyone has any information or ideas, please do share.

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Val said...

This is very interesting Samuel! I had no idea. Thanks for sharing this information. :)