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Monday, October 24, 2011

Patriarchial Longevity in the Antediluvian Age

Dear friends,

The book of Genesis is one which has interested me ever since I first got interested in writing about Scripture. I believe that the book of Genesis contains Biblical truth. 

Dr. E. W. Bullinger, the compiler of the Companion Bible, referred to Genesis saying (I agree with his assessment precisely): “Genesis is the seed-plot of the whole Bible. It is essential to the true understanding of its every part. It is the foundation on which Divine Revelation rests; and on which is it built up. It is not only the foundation of all Truth, but it enters into, and forms part of all subsequent inspiration; … Genesis is quoted or referred to sixty times in the New Testament; and Divine authority is set like a seal on its historical facts.”[1]

[1] E. W. Bullinger, The Companion Bible, Appendix II - See Matt. 19:4-6;24:37-28; Mark 7:4,10;10:3-8; Luke 11:43-51;17:26-29; Jn. 1:51;7:21;8:44-56

I am posting a new introduction a brand new small publication that I have been working on for over 15 years and it is my intention to publish the first edition of this new publication before year end. I will be updating you concerning the finalization of this new short publication (and how you can get a copy once it is published) very soon as the final version is almost complete. Here is a small excerpt from the introduction. Stay tuned for more information. Rest assured, this new publication will present a very thought provoking, Biblically conservative approach to this age old question.

Patriarchal Longevity in the Antediluvian Age by Samuel Martin

One of the most interesting aspects to the early history of human kind concerns the Biblical data showing that certain individuals are identified has having lived lives reaching up to almost 1,000 years of age. We today look at these Biblical texts and wonder if they are true or if they just represent ancient myths that primitive mankind believed in.

In this new publication, we are going to explore this question with a view to illuminating difficult passages of the Holy Scripture concerning this question. We believe that the LORD has given us all the information that we need within the Scriptures themselves to answer all the questions that we have on most subjects. 

Understanding how the Patriarchs in the Antediluvian Age lived to be so old is no exception. We pray that you find this publication valuable in your Bible study.

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