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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Accurate information from the Bible and Academia can change minds on the issue of Spanking/Smacking Chiildren

Here is a post from a friend of mine, Faith Gallup, from Chicago. In this post, she mentions attending a seminar (in 2007 in Chicago at which I spoke) sponsored by Dr. Madeline Gomez, the President of Psychealth, Ltd.
PsycHealth, Ltd. (www.psychealthltd.com) is a multi-disciplinary team of behavioral health professionals dedicated to excellence in service delivery and program development. We support the human and individual rights of all persons regardless of ethnicity, sex, religious or sexual orientation or native language. We are committed to non-violent family interaction and child rearing and believe that compassion and consideration are of utmost importance.We recognize that as we help each person, we help our families, our friends, and ourselves.

The presentation I gave I still have today in MS Powerpoint and it has a paper that accompanies it. Anyone who would like to have that paper and the Powerpoint for presentations to groups that you might be aware of is welcomed to contact me. info@biblechild.com. 
You can see from Faith's testimony that attending that seminar (where I was one of three speakers) gave her the information she needed to completely change her mind on this issue.
Thanks Faith for letting me link to this. Bless you and a huge thanks to Dr. Mady Gomez for her leadership on this issue.

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