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Friday, October 07, 2011

Prof. Dawn Devries, contributor to "The Child in Christian Thought" shares her view on discipline

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Please note my recent FACEBOOK thread where Prof. Dawn Devries, a New Testament Scholar and Systematic Theologian from Union Theological Seminary in Virgina comments on the Pearl's book.


Many of you may know Prof. Devries from her contribution to the book "The Child in Christian Thought" where she points out concerning the German theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher, "known as the father of modern theology" that "Schleiermacher rejects external enticements as inconsistent with Christian faith. In particular, he denounces the use of corporal punishment with children. Discipline is not about punishment, but about promoting an orderly life."

I give this book my strongest possible endorsement.

Here is the conversation with Prof. Devries important comments.

Samuel S. Martin Dawn .. As a mother and a New Testamant scholar and a systematic theologian, we'd love to hear your view on Michael Pearl and his teachings if you'd grace us with your vast knowledge? I know it is a bit on the spot, but we'd love to hear anything you have to share especially in light of what you said about in the above referenced book.

 Dawn DeVries Samuel, I can't render a judgment unless I actually read the book, which I haven't done to this point. But I firmly believe that my Christian faith convicts me to treat little people as human beings created in the image of God who must be treated with dignity and respect. I do not believe that violence against another person ever teaches them anything except hate and the cycle of violence. So I firmly oppose anyone who suggests that God someone encourages us to "discipline" our children through violence and force. I do believe that Schleiermacher was a little ahead of his time in recognizing these truths--even in an age when corporal punishment was more the norm than it is in our world. And I am heartsick about the little girl who died because her parents claimed to be following Mr. Pearl's child-rearing advice. That's all I can say for now.

I will be making sure that Prof. Devries secures a copy of Mr. Pearl's book for further review and will hopefully be sharing some of her thoughts in the future in this regard. 

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