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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

"Mothers - Follow Your Instincts" - A Guest Post by Debbie Davidson

"Mothers - Follow Your Instincts"

A Guest Post by Debbie Davidson

Note: Many of you have rejoiced with me at some of the deeply important posts that Heather Schopp has graced this blog with. 

Now, I am honored to say that Heather's sister, Debbie, helps us appreciate an important message that she first shared with Heather a number of years ago. 

What was that message? Simple. "Follow Your Instincts"! In this case, we are here talking about your maternal instincts. 

I've taken a bit of a risk and shared some of my own experiences in several posts on this blog about information I have heard from mothers over the years. Note one of those posts here:


After hearing it over and over again, I finally saw that what we might call "that still small voice", "mother's intuition", a "moral center" or however one wishes to define it is so important for mothers to listen to and heed. 

Of course, in the context that I heard about mother's intuition, it was always in the context that the mother's I was hearing from were saying things like spanking "never felt right", "didn't sit well with me", "I did it against my will", etc. I have heard this same message scores of times and one can easily search the web for these phrases and one will come up with dozens of blogs with mothers saying exactly the same thing.

We can see stories these days all over the web of the guilt and shame mothers felt when they listened to the advice of well-intentioned but often misguided religious leaders telling women messages that were diametrically opposed to what their own motherly voices or personal intuitions were telling them and guiding them.

Thankfully, today, many more mothers are open to listening to these voices because a new environment of women's empowerment exists which in times past just did not exist. 

Join me in here sitting at the feet of some great teachers who I am deeply honored to learn from. These messages are words spoken by sincere God loving Christian women who call on the name of the Lord Jesus with the deepest reverence. Let these words minister to you as they have to me because they come from a very special place in the heart of a Christian mother.

What you will find here is truthful, simple, practical, elegant, lovely thoughts that will touch your soul.

To find my name mentioned among these words is indeed a deeply special honor which I find so touching and humbling.

"wise words from my sister Debbie Davison, who was the first 

person to tell me "follow your instincts" ..... Heather Schopp

"It took years for me to realize that my motherly instinct was a 
gift from God, something to be listened to; not ignored and stifled.

It took many years to slowly awaken to the reality and truth that 
insights I offered as a mother were more valuable than the latest
in child discipline (even those which came from Christian
leaders like Dr. Dobson, who I followed) or church leaders.
In addition, much of the counsel I received from my obstetrician
and pediatrician about childbirth and nursing was downright

Fortunately, I followed my instincts on some things. On other
issues, like child discipline, however, I followed inaccurate
Scriptural interpretations.

For that I am not only deeply grieved, but angered: that hitting 
children was and is still promoted by many Christian leaders.

Since we are Christ followers, Christians, of all people, should
be advocates and protectors of those who are vulnerable, just as
He was. This includes children from the moment of conception.

Mothers, if you are told to do something that is cold and harsh
to your child, the person telling you, whether a husband,
grandparent, physician, or pastor, is very likely wrong.

I implore you to read books by Samuel Martin and Stephanie
Cox which address Scriptures quoted by pro spanking

As a Christian, I believe that Scripture is God given, inspired,
and relevant to our daily lives; however, it behooves us to ensure
it is being interpreted properly.

History is rife with examples of the misinterpretation and 
misapplication of God's Word. It is very difficult to revisit a
topic like spanking, particularly if the deed is done.

However, it is always appropriate to study God's Word,
especially on such an important subject as child rearing.

And it is never too late to either change our behavior or 
acknowledge that our choices were misguided and wrong and 

ask forgiveness. 

For those of us who have the privilege of being grandparents, it is 
a precious option." 

Note: For more information about Stephanie Cox's book (which I have wholeheartedly endorsed, please visit Stephanie's FB page here - https://www.facebook.com/GentleFirmness

Hard copies of my book available on Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Thy-Rod-Staff-They-Comfort/dp/0978533909

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