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Sunday, June 01, 2014

A Plea to Mothers - Guest Post from Heather Schopp

A Plea to Mothers - A Guest Post By Heather Schopp
You are your own, and your child's, biggest advocate and protector--and you were made to be that. Own this, accept it; and never forget it. 

We women have been engrained with the thinking that our doctors, preachers, husbands "lead" us and should have the last word. we are told to conform to rules, expectations, routines, schedules set by others who "know best" for us and for our children. we are told we are disobeying God, we are being negligent, we are unwise, we are spoiling and being manipulated by our children, if we do not listen to the "experts" and the "authority."

Here's the thing: God has given us a gift, a voice He hasn't given to anyone else--the gift of maternal instinct. When we are told to follow another's advice at the expense of our instincts, we are being told to disregard this God-given gift (....to quench the Holy Spirit).

Years ago I was talking to a mom about her colicky baby. She told me her doctor said to put the baby in her crib, leave her, and let her cry--there was nothing else they could do for her. I did not express outwardly the grief I felt and said "God has given you instincts that He hasn't given to the doctor, I encourage you to consider those as well." she bristled and said tersely "we trust our doctor and do what he says."

It's not about shaming, insulting, denying medical studies and facts, not considering others' opinions or shutting out others' wisdom; it's about trusting that our instincts are valid and worth heeding and following.

...but sometimes it is about a paradigm shift in our thinking, even in our spiritual beliefs, and recognizing the authority and insight God has given us as women; and it may mean acknowledging the times we haven't responded according to our intuition (whether purposefully or not), and apologizing. That can be painful--has been for me anyway, because I've had to take ownership for the choices I've made that caused pain in my children. and I will have to continue to do so.

But children are quick to forgive, and through my apologizing and their forgiving I believe they heal and grow. and so do I.

God is THE expert and THE authority and only He can speak to you through that inner voice. What a gift He has given us--an inner guide and source of strength and wisdom....Use it!!!!

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