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Monday, March 04, 2013


I am asking those of you to join me now in praying the peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on all under His sun suffering from family violence.

I believe that Jesus is calling all of us who have eyes to see and ears to hear right now to a new Crusade, a Crusade of Peace, a Crusade of Love, a Crusade of Reconciliation. Jesus said: My sheep hear my voice. Do you hear Jesus? Is He speaking to you?

I believe that the Lord is speaking to us now and calling all of us committed to "sharing the peace" that we are so used to doing on weekly holy days to get out of our places of worship and go into the world to do so, to roll up our sleeves and go to work.

Here we are not taking about an abstract thing: peace; No, not at all! We are talking about God who became man and walked among us: Jesus. Jesus is our peace. It is He who we are asking to lead us to a more peaceful world and I believe the first place to start where Jesus wants us to work is at home, in every home.

I have seen on this page something very special happen since February 26. I ask anyone to simply look at what has happened since that date. A very simple post made on that day and 'promoted" in the begining for $10.00 US Dollars (which I am still 'promoting" now) has been I believe used by Jesus Christ. I will let you judge for yourself what you think. I have sent dozens of free ebooks and profoundly connected with tens of people who I feel are simply just saying: NO MORE! NO MORE TO FAMILY VIOLENCE INFLICTED ON KIDS IN JESUS NAME! NO MORE!

From this day forward this page will have as its main focus campaigning for peace.

I have a plan of what I intend to do in this month of March. Before I talk about that, I would like to hear your view. What is Jesus saying to you? We are His sheep. Are we hearing His voice?

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Christie M said...

Samuel, did you follow the link to the Voddie Baucham seminar?
I just cannot believe this is going on in the name of Christ.
WHERE IN SCRIPTURE is this EVER mentioned? The sin of shyness?
OR that after 3 weeks of life (listened to the clip) "your world revolves around ME!"
This is really scary.

Unknown said...

Jesus is calling me to speak the gospel. That includes spreading peace in the family unit, despite the promotion of violent behavior modification by so-called Christian leaders.