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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One of the most powerful messages from a mother I have ever read anywhere anytime - Do not miss this!

One of the most powerful messages from a mother I have ever read anywhere anytime - Do not miss this!

I read this today on The Guggie Daily and I have to link it here!

My Past is Defeated for My Children’s Future

by Jennifer Lee Wright

Here is a small but powerful excerpt - I strongly urge you to read the rest here.


"After a year of being sober and trying, we became pregnant with our first child.  Something changed.  Deeply, drastically, beyond anything else I’ve ever experienced before in my life, upon becoming a mother.  Suddenly, I NEEDED God in ways I’d never known or thought was possible.  I didn’t want to mess this up.  I needed him in my marriage, I needed him in my mothering, I needed him in everyday things.  But more, I learned a whole new side of, and understanding of…...love.  I was also forced to face the demons of my past and sort through them.  I had to think upon and work through how I had been raised.  I had to realize that I didn’t have a family unit around me to help me in my new role of life.  It was devastating, heartbreaking, and healing all at the same time.
One huge life changer for me was when I held my baby.  I would look at her and I would feel such a huge, breathtaking emotion that I couldn’t understand or put into words.  All I knew was that I loved this child in greater proportions than I even knew was possible.  I felt as though I was going to explode, I had so much going on inside.  Finally the dam, that wall of protection I’d built up inside of me to be strong and carry on, broke and the flood burst forth.  I broke at the realization of what had been done to me as a child came flooding in with a clarity that made me ache to my core.  I wept out of heartbreak for myself as well as for the healing laying in my arms at a chance of a new kind of life.  A chance to break the cycle. Tears just poured out of me in a cleansing way and washed away my pain as pure love filled me from within that I never knew existed.  
As I looked at this child so small, so helpless, and so dependant on me for her everything, I simply could not imagine ever treating her the way I had been treated.  How could THAT be good and right and lovely?  It flew in the face of everything I knew about God.  Granted, I didn’t know much, but I was learning that he wasn’t the God I had been taught as a child.  He was a God of love, grace, forgiveness, peace, mercy, patience, kindness and goodness."

This is an amazing testimony and it has a strong message of Gentle Parenting as well as Jennifer was also spanked  and suffered greatly as a child! Please do yourself a favor and make sure you read this!

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