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I write as a Christian from Jerusalem, Israel about Biblical subjects.

I am particularly interested in the subjects of children, families, women's issues, corporal punishment, science and nature as these subjects relate to the Holy Scriptures.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why Do I Write?

Why Do I Write?

I am working on a new website and I'll probably be making a video as an introduction on who I am (and it may include some exotic Jerusalem locations) and why it is that I am doing what I am doing. (sort of my own personal intervention logic - a nice development term)

But I got to thinking about it and thought I'd stretch outside of myself and explain myself in a very simple way.

I write because I love writing and because I was taught to be a writer. I may not have reached the level of writing proficiency that I hope to aspire to, but my father always told me to continue writing to improve my work. That is what he did throughout his life and through his own ministry which lasted over 40 years.

My dad in his infectious style, which was eternally optimistic, forward thinking and always positive told me constantly that I would achieve greater things than he ever did. So, for comparitive purposes, you can check out the following photo which explains why I write. My books are the one's on the right. :)

PS. Two of my other publications are in fact done and will be published very soon as ebooks, but they are not pictured here. Not yet anyway :)

Download Samuel Martin's free ebook - Thy Rod and Thy Staff, They Comfort Me: Christians and the Spanking Controversy here - http://whynottrainachild.com/2013/06/22/download-martins-book/

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