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Monday, August 22, 2011

Get the Bible in the correct order

Get the Bible in the correct order

A new post from an upcoming publication featuring the Original Manuscript Order of the New Testament books. The new publication is titled (tentatively): Jesus Christ, the Church And Quantifiable Indicators: A New Methodology in Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.

"we do find an important place for Hebraic culture even in the New Testament if we consider it in the order which is reflected in the largest body of ancient Greek manuscripts. The order is as follows and we must note that we are not only talking about a specific revised order, but also a dividing the various books into specific and defined internal divisions which are definitely separated one from another. This order and the divisions are:

The New Testament Law – (1) Matthew; (2) Mark; (3) Luke; (4) John; (5) Acts.

The General Epistles – (6) James; (7) I Peter; (8) II Peter ; (9) I John; (10) II John; (11) III John; (12) Jude.             
The Pauline Epistles - (13) Romans; (14) I Corinthians; (15) II Corinthians; (16) Galatians; (17) Ephesians; (18) Philippians: (19) Colossians; (20) I Thessalonians; (21) II Thessalonians; (22) Hebrews; (23) I Timothy; (24) II Timothy; (25) Titus; (26) Philemon

The Apocalypse - (27) Revelation" (1)

Note: This order of the books is the correct one backed up by the best scholarship around and reflects very strong research supporting it. More on this later. 

(1) For more information on the original manuscript order see www.originalbible.com or refer to the book by my late father "Restoring the Original Bible" by Dr. Ernest L. Martin -

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