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Friday, August 18, 2006

August 18, 2006 - Jerusalem

Last week was a really amazing time for me. I saw my life go full circle.

In 1968, I first visited Israel with my family and my father, Dr. Ernest L. Martin, took me on my first visits to archaeological sites in Jerusalem and around the country. I can remember going with him to visit Jericho when there were no fences or tourist attractions. I can remember going with him to Tel Lachish in his Land Rover. These are just to name a few. What amazing memories. Being dropped off in the pottery shed to clean 2000 year old pots while working near the Western Wall with the excavation lead by Professor Benjamin Mazar.

Well, today, it looks like my family still has archaeology in its blood. You can see me pictured ( I am on the left) with Dr. Shimon Gibson, a Senior Fellow at the Albright Archaeological Institute in Jerusalem at an excavation he is leading in the Jerusalem area.

On this day, it was a pleasure for me to share this experience with my daughter, Jessica, age three. If the photos above are any indication, it seems she has a future in archaeology.

I urge anyone with kids who wants to have a really great time of discovery to come to Israel and get involved in archaeology. You never know what you might be involved in finding.

Samuel Martin
Jerusalem Israel

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